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Now that you're's so clear!!!

The final of this Love Special series of Reggae Uprising hosted by Danieal throughout February. This week features two throw back episodes from when I first started recording Reggae Uprising which just so happen to be two Bob Marley songs…

For the LOVERS!!

The third of this Love Special series of Reggae Uprising.

This week features two throw back episodes from when I first started recording Reggae Uprising.

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Watch Original Music " Bless My Soul" Video


Tell me you Secrets....

trust my love!!

The first of this Love Special series all throughout February! We all need some more love right now and you know you can always rely on me to deliver.

I thought I'd start February with one of…

Let's get together and feel alright!

The final of my Bob Marley Special series throughout January...I could think of no better way to start a New Year than paying tribute to such an inspiring and timeless artist. I hope you've enjoyed all 4 episodes! Please let…

Your destiny has a way of catching up with you... how long will you keep running until you give in to the inevitable? 

We talk about comedy genes, culture clashes, tv appearances and the highs and lows of comedy.  

Mr Cee's career in hosting and stand-Up has taken him…

We won't beg, no we won't bow....

Jah jah children must unite!

Another BIG tune chosen from Bob Marley's timeless catalogue for my Bob Marley Special series of Reggae Uprising all throughout January.


Keep letting me know what your favourite Bob marley song…

Love is all I bring!

It's the start of another week to be thankful for life, love and all of our many gifts. I hope this weeks episode featuring UK Reggae anthem Athena & Donna "Top Rankin" puts a smile on your face! 


You can get it!

Anything is possible, you just have to believe! I hope this weeks "Reggae Uprising" starts your week off with positivity and put s big smile on your face!


Blessed Love

Reggae Kings & Queens Show is back!

So thankful to everyone who showed there support with my LIVE SHOW over the weekend! Loved and cherished every second!

So I've done something a lil different for this weeks "Reggae Uprising"

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Blessed Love


Special Request!

For this weeks "Reggae Uprising" I had a request from one of my top fans, so I had to deliver!

I hope you enjoy this lil taster refix of Sonia Spence - On a Jet Plane

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You know it's on when I say it's on!

This weeks Reggae Uprising episode features everyone's favourite "Getting Red". I wrote this song in Italy at Soulove Records vining with Delamix and DJ Afghan. So many memories! Big tune! Let me know what you think!

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Tell me your Secrets....

So as you already know all throughout August for my weekly “Reggae Uprising” show I’m giving you pure original songs writing by me! 
So this week I hope you enjoy....”Secrets” 

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One 💚💛❤️ 

Ain't what you expect!

This weeks 'Reggae Uprising' features a throwback to one of the favourites to my first every Mixtape 'Damsel In Distress?'

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If you would like to listen to the full original song please got to my Music…

Trust yourself and see!!

All throughout August I'm going to be doing something a little different to my usual Reggae Uprising episodes. I will be featuring my own works!! If you like the vibes please check out the links to the music videos and…

You're the one!

This weeks Reggae Uprising song is one of my favourite Etana songs. This had to be performed acapella!

I hope you love reggae music just as much as Etana and I! 

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More Love x

You give me hope...

I created Reggae Uprising to uplift at the start of the week and set the tone for the rest of your week. Every week I have received so much love and positivity. I give thanks and want you to know…

Is My Love Too Late..?

Don’t get me wrong my shows are all about putting a smile on your face and keeping the vibes high! I am normally the one selectin the vibes but last week I asked what you wanted to hear...had some great…

More love from Kenya!!

I'm so thankful for all of places music has taken me so far...Jamiaca, France, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands but this is a first!

I want to BIG UP Allan Ginja for being the first to play my music in Kenya…

Support Upful Musicians!

My latest Reggae Uprising Episode is all about BIGGIN' UP all those musicians out there whose music inspires all generations to achieve their dreams and overcome adversity. Please watch and support us in whatever way you can! Click to watch

Reggae Uprising

Reggae Uprising is the first show I created on my social media. I wanted a positive show to uplift people at the start of the week, as I know a lot of people suffer from Monday blues. Not only have…