Every Wednesday this podcast strives to showcase heritage, innovation, upliftment shared by guests alongside their super seven Reggae selections. It's mission is to share wisdom across generations to ignite conversations and facilitate networking collaborations. 

Featured guests have included Multi award winning International speaker and author Ava Brown, Lecturer Maxim Anderson, Second Vice President of The Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated Reubern Kush, Surgical care practitioner & founder of charity 'Sick Be Nourished', International Reggae Artist Jah Mason, Co-creator of social media platforms 'Black Chat' & 'Black Vision' Karl Wilson, Councillor Paulette Hamilton, UK's First Arable Black Farmer David Mwanaka and Historian & Author Steve Martin.  

It also addresses current issues and celebrates culture by offering Special episodes to it listeners in the form of; 'Lockdown Survival Kit', Mental Health Edition, Health is Wealth Special, Triumph Over Adversity Special, Black History Month Special and Kwanzaa Special. 

The podcasts growth is thanks to it's unwavering continuity, priceless content and high recommendation of the featured guests themselves. 

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