Black History Month Special - The History of Marcus Garvey

This weeks guest is new to Reggae Uprising Podcast but I am so thankful to have him on the show as he has so much knowledge to share. Graduate of African History & Politics and retired lecturer, Maxim Anderson shares some of the history that seems to missed in most documentaries of Marcus after the USA. 

So if your looking for the full story across his lifetime (well as much as we can fit in to this show) this episode is full of enlightenment. Please note that even though this episode is far longer than the usual 1 hour show, Maxim wanted me to let you know that he has so much more to share on Marcus Garvey. So much so that I am already making plans to produce future shows showcasing his wealth of knowledge. 

I hope you've enjoyed this series of Black History Month Special episodes. These podcasts are new to YouTube but you are also available on all podcast platforms. 


If you would like to feature in a future episode please get in touch 

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