The Greenlands Inn, 105 Longbridge Lane, Birmingham, B31 4LF


Danieal's first love will always be music which can be witnessed by anyone who comes to see her live.

Entertaining audiences worldwide at festivals, carnivals, brand launches, gala's and music venues with her self penned songs and charismatic hosting style.

The foundations on which Danieal's stage skills stand are through her experience on producing two tribute shows which are always in high demand.

The Reggae Kings & Queens Show pays tribute to inspirational artists whose songs has inspired and uplifted hearts and minds for generations.

The Diva Experience Show boasts a tribute to the greatest Diva's of all time taking you on a journey through the decades.

Whether you book Danieal for her original songs, show/festival host, stage manager or tribute show; the Danieal experience will be unforgettable!