Rasta reasoning, motivations to believe in and the truth behind instinctual feelings

So many stories so little time! Minister Emoven's journey is one full of inspiration, enlightenment and education which can not be contained into 1 hour! So for this episode the vibes keep running for an extra half hour! 

Minister Emoven is a Professional Musician who has shared his master drumming and poetry all over the world for the last 43 years, as well as forming the drumming group Luton African Drummers in 1988. 

He is also a Journalist, broadcaster and Radio Presenter and his previous works are with BBC3 Counties Radio for 13 years and more recently galaxy radio. As well as all of this and much much more he is an paralegal, empowerment speaker, lecturer, teacher, secretary for You Are Able (YAA) Community Interest Company and founder of Gambian BojangTamba School of Excellence. 

This multifaceted episode includes of coarse the world of music, but also the legal system, the prison system, alongside exodus and empowerment. 



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