Lockdown 3.0 Special - Mental Health Edition

As this is the Lockdown 3.0 special Mental Health edition, I wanted to bring back a guest that featured last year who works in the Mental Health sector as they shared so much wisdom with all of us. 

Sophia Morgan Genus is a qualified Psychiatric nurse, has a Social Work bachelor of science degree, is an Approved Mental Health Practitioner and has a Masters in Mental Health Recovery. She has also trained fellow social workers at Birmingham and Derby University on the issues associated with Black Mental Health and has only just retired from her role of PR for the West Midlands Jamaica Diaspora UK. As well as all this she also runs her own health business MorganGenus Ltd which is a company focused on health and wellbeing, specializing in the natural minerals of relaxation. 

We talk about the effects last year on our mental health, its effect on future generations, how we can learn the past and empower one another in taking control of our mental health and well being as a community. 

The strategy that Sophia shares in this Mental Health Edition is such a powerful tool, I hope you will listen, take notes and act on her plan towards Mental freedom. 



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