Lockdown 2.0 Survival Kit

So it's back here again in the UK...Lockdown 

After the high vibrations of last weeks Covid 19 Special 2.0 
I wanted to follow up with another special to keep the positivity going, give you inspiration and remind you of some of the great advice and knowledge shared by my guests. 

In this episode I have split it into 3 different sections; 

Mental Well Being 
Physical Well Being 
Money and Business 

These three subjects are at the forefront of everyone's mind right now, so I have featured guests from previous episodes, sharing snippets and wisdom on these subjects. 

As this is a completely different format from my usual episodes and as I am a Reggae songwriter/singer as well as the creator/host of this show I though I'd feature my own music as the soundtrack to this episode. 

If you would like to view any of the music video's to these featured songs click on my Video page.




Feature List 

 "Getting Red" - https://youtu.be/FkVYFStVh2s 

Shelly Ann Rhoden - Occupational Therapist who works on an infectious diseases ward 

Connect with Shelly-Ann 
Carib-Fusion TV 

Tedrick Bailey - Mental Health service at ACCI (African Caribbean Community Initiative) 

Connect with Tedrick 

Sophia Morgan-Genus - Psychiatric nurse + Morgan Genus Ltd which is a company focused on health and wellbeing 

Connect with Sophia 
Web:           Morgangenus.com 
Instagram   Morgangenus 
Facebook    Morgangenus Magnesium 
FB-Group    Morgangenus Wellbeing & Beyond 

"Don't Fight Yourself" - https://youtu.be/KHEcLZ1MgqQ 

Maxienne Palmer - Dietitian & Nutritionist 

Connect with Maxine 

Jay Mc Coy - Co-owner of Kingdom Health & Fitness Ltd 

"Bless My Soul" - https://youtu.be/ekjZKDnsCjE 

Merisha Stevenson - Award-Winning Entrepeneur 

Twitter:                @MerishaSpeaks 
Facebook:           @MerishaSpeaks 
Website:              www.MerishaStevenson.com 
Email:                    Merisha@MerishaStevenson.com 
LinkedIn:             Merisha Stevenson 
Instagram:          @FinancialStyle 

Zandela Secka - Multi Business owner 

Connect with Zandela 
Youtube Channel - Zandelas Journey 
Wolof lessons - woloflesson@yahoo.com

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