want to know a little bit about me....where do I start? I have always been a seeker of truth and questioned everything in life. This has led me down many different paths.

My Core Beliefs; 

  • To Give Thanks to the Most High for life
  • My Roots are Vital to my Future Fruits
  • Food is Medicine

My Lifestyle Choices;

  • Veganism
  • Environmental awareness
  • Holistic healing 

As for my is the the sounding board to share the love and wisdom, that I have been gifted on my journeys. It has empowered me to connect with people in the UK and Internationally with overwhelming support for my shows and creative collaborations. My music's purpose is to raise people's vibrations through the lessons I have learned, inspirational people I have met and enlightenments I have experienced. It is my love, my healing and my life's purpose.

If you feel guided to connect with me to reason, collaborate or just say "Hi"!, just send me a message on any social media platform.

Blessed Love